Glass Glossary – B

British Thermal Unit

Bead or Glazing Bead
A strip of wood, metal or other suitable material attached to the rebate to retain the glass.

The process by which an edge of glass is finished to a bevel angle.

A cavity which is larger than seed and filled with gas.

A cavity in glass filled with gas.

Bond Breaker
A substance to which the sealant will not stick.

Brilliant Cutting
Abrasive and polishing wheels are used on flat glass to obtain a decorative effect.

A synthetic rubber mostly used for the production of insulating glass units.

A quantity of raw materials (soda lime, silica sand, calcium, oxide, soda and magnesium) properly weighted and mixed to be introduced into the glass furnace where they are melted at 1500

Ball Gatherer
A special machine designed to collect a defined quantity of molten glass from the glass furnace.

Bent glass
Bent glass is a normal glass, which is curved with a special process.

A process used to produce bent glass in which a plate of glass is placed in a horizontal mould and then slowly heated at approximately 600

An iron or steel pipe for blowing glass.

Bulletproof Glass
Designed and produced to resist penetration by bullets.

Body-tinted glass
Tranparent float glass with a consistent colour throughout its depth.

A decorative form of edge working.

A form of distortion in toughened and heat strengthened glass, inherent to the manufacturing process.

Blast-resistance glass
The ability of glass to stand blast pressure from an explosion.

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