Glass Glossary – E


Edge Cover
The distance of the edge of the glass and sight line.

A glass finishing process of polishing edges.

A process consisting of polishing or abrading-scraping the edge of the glazing surface.

A natural or synthetic elastic rubber or rubber-like plastic

Expansion Tape
A special material used to protect the edges of glass from rigid contact with non-resilient material.

A process of acid etching one side of float glass to obtain a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance.

Engraved or Engraving
The process of cutting a design, etc. on an annealed glass..

Enamelled glass
Enamelled glass is tempered or heat-strengthened glass, one face of which is covered, either partially or totally, with mineral pigments. Beside its decorative function, enamelled glass is also a solar ray controller.

Electrochromic glass
It works by passing low-voltage electrical charges across a microscopically-thin coating on the glass surface, activating a electrochromic layer which changes color from clear to dark.

Electrically heated glass
Electrically heated glass is a laminated glass, incorporating almost invisible electrically-conductive wires.

Edge clearance
The distance between the edge of the glass and rebate.

Is the relative ability of a surface to absorb and emit energy in the form of radiation.

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